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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Madonna to release new album "Hard Candy" in April

Madonna to release new album "Hard Candy" in April
Reuters - Madonna has dubbed her final album of new material for her longtime Warner Bros. label "Hard Candy," and will release it on April 29, her publicist confirmed on Tuesday.

"Blood"co-star Dano lands "Gigantic" gig
Reuters - Paul Dano, coming off his role as Daniel Day-Lewis' adversary in "There Will Be Blood," will star with Zooey Deschanel in "Gigantic," an offbeat indie romantic comedy.

Anderson seeks to annul 2-month marriage
AP - Court documents show that Pamela Anderson is seeking an annulment, rather than a divorce, from husband Rick Salomon. The actress is seeking to annul the two-month marriage based on fraud. No other details were available, and Anderson's publicist did not immediately return an e-mail request for comment Tuesday.

Bruce Lee's master subject of biopics
AP - Bruce Lee is the master to many martial arts fans, but less is known about his master, Ip Man, a pioneer in the kung fu style that influenced Lee. Hong Kong filmmakers hope to change that by bringing Ip's story to the big screen.

Sydney paparazzo loses Nicole Kidman court case
Reuters - A Sydney paparazzo lost a defamation case on Wednesday against an Australian newspaper that said he wanted to "wreak havoc" on actress Nicole Kidman's private life with the court agreeing he was a "cowboy."

Miley Cyrus to perform at country music TV awards
Reuters - Tween star Miley Cyrus, who plays Hannah Montana in the hit TV series of the same name, will co-host and perform at country music's CMT Awards in Nashville on April 14 with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, organizers said on Tuesday.

Judge: Photographer hounded Kidman
AP - A celebrity photographer who sued a newspaper for accusing him of hounding Nicole Kidman was handed a huge legal bill instead when a judge ruled his intrusive behavior had frightened the actress.

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