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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

'Without a Trace' star Sanchez engaged

'Without a Trace' star Sanchez engaged
AP - SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico Roselyn Sanchez and fellow actor Eric Winter got engaged during a holiday vacation on the island of Vieques, just east of mainland Puerto Rico, according to a statement released Tuesday.

Access Exclusive: Will Smith Opens Up!
"I Am Legend" broke multiple box office records when it opened with $76 million. Will Smith recently sat down with Access for an open and revealing interview to discuss his buddy Tom Cruise and his "Legend" leading lady, Abbey the dog.

Letterman's return guest: Robin Williams
AP - Robin Williams will be David Letterman's first guest upon the return of his "Late Show" on CBS Wednesday. The appearance of a Hollywood A-lister who can talk a mile a minute may be Letterman's way of quickly trying to draw a distinction between his show and his late-night rivals, who are without writers and may also have trouble booking major entertainers as guests.

Richard Simmons' Workout Surprise!
Richard Simmons has been helping people lose weight for years with his high-energy workout routines. When Ricki Lake makes a surprise visit at his dance studio, it was so much fun that even our camera guy got caught up in the excitement.

Coen Brothers' Return to Form!
After a few films in a row that weren't received well by both critics and audiences, the Coen brothers have returned to form with one of this year's most celebrated movies, "No Country for Old Men." Access sat down with the cast for revealing and insightful interviews.

Jennifer Garner: The "Val Slide?"
What is the "Val Slide?" Jennifer Garner used it after her pregnancy to get back into perfect shape. Now, you too can give it a try as Jennifer's post-pregnancy trainer, Valerie Waters, spills her secret exercise regimen.

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