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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nora Roberts says peer lifted material

Nora Roberts says peer lifted material
AP - A popular romance novelist who's been criticized for allegedly lifting material has angered the biggest name in the genre: Nora Roberts.

Wrap-up of entertainment quotes
AP - "Our hope is that all of the players involved will lock themselves in a room and not come out until they finish. We want this to be done." — George Clooney, on the Hollywood writers strike.

Us Exclusive: James Gandolfini Engaged
"The Sopranos" star plans to wed longtime girlfriend Deborah Lin.

Another Round of 'Big Shots'
The story of four high-powered CEOs returns to the ABC lineup.

Hayden Heads to the Gym
Hayden Panettiere gets mobbed by photographers during a routine trip to the gym.

Cause of death for Kanye West's mother said unclear
Reuters - The Los Angeles County Coroner said on Thursday the exact cause of rapper Kanye West's mother's death in November was unclear, but there was no sign of "surgical or anesthetic misadventure."

What Killed Donda West?
The results of Donda West's untimely death are in. Access has the latest details on what the LA coroner is saying took Kanye West's mother's life all too soon.

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