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Monday, December 3, 2007

Lohan Dumps post rehab Boyfriend Riley Giles

Looks like Lindsay Lohan has grown tired of living the life of Riley. The puffy-lipped, short-attention-span starlet, 21, is reportedly flying solo after giving sometime snowboarder and constant post-rehab companion Riley Giles the heave-ho.

"They're over -- they've broken up," an insider declares to People. "They split after Thanksgiving weekend."

So what went wrong with the 12-step-climbing couple, whose romance began oh-so-auspiciously a few months back after they met at Utah's Cirque Lodge while battling their respective DUI-tinged demons?

"Lindsay gets bored easily, and she just reached a point when she wasn't interested in dealing with him anymore," an insider tattles to the New York Daily News. "Riley was really unpopular among [her] friends and family. No one really cared for him, and Lindsay eventually started to see it."

Echoes a mole to E! Online, "They thought he was unsophisticated and told her she should have left him in Utah with his snowboard."

But a "lifelong friend" of Giles insists to the Chicago Sun-Times that he, too, was gripped with doubt over the relationship.

''Riley was also having second thoughts about the whole thing," says the source. "He knows that people in the early stages of recovery should avoid romantic entanglements -- with both recovering addicts and with other people as well."

The Giles mole also tries the "I know you are but what am I?" defense, telling the paper, "On top of all that, Riley realized Lindsay isn't the girl for him in the long term -- plus he found her family and friends in New York a real turn-off.''

The depressingly predictable parting of ways apparently came a short time after a disastrous Thanksgiving holiday spent visiting Lohan's dysfunction-filled, Long Island-based family.


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