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Monday, December 31, 2007

General Contractor Files Suit against Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Lawsuit claims Superstar, Wife ‘seek revenge’ after arbitration
involving ‘bizarre behavior by Hanks’ wife’.

KETCHUM, Ida. (December 21, 2007) – Storey Construction Inc. of Ketchum, Idaho, today filed suit against Hollywood superstars Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson claiming that the couple’s latest demand for arbitration is a malicious act motivated by revenge.

According to the lawsuit filed in Idaho’s Blaine County District Court, the superstar couple hired Storey Construction – a well-regarded local builder – to construct a luxury residence for them in the Sun Valley, Ida. area, home to a number of celebrities and movie stars.

During construction, the suit alleges that Wilson directed Storey Construction to “complete extra, additional work and changed work” during the 24-month project which began in 2000.

In July 2002, Storey finished the construction and Hanks and Wilson moved in shortly thereafter but did not pay Storey for the balance of the work, court documents state.

The complaint goes on to state that after Storey placed a lien on the property in 2003, the construction company took Hanks and Wilson to mandatory arbitration, where Hanks and Wilson counter-claimed the work was defective and demanded $800,000 in damages.

At that hearing, the court documents state that Rita Wilson exhibited “bizarre conduct” and after 10 minutes of cross-examination, Wilson “leapt from the witness stand and began screaming hysterically.”

The court documents go on to say that Wilson “stormed out of the hearing room” and refused to return that day.

The complaint states that after weighing the evidence, on January 27, 2004 the arbitration panel’s decision stated “Respondents’ [Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and Lily Reeves] counterclaims are denied and are hereby dismissed with prejudice in their entirety. Respondents are awarded $0 on their counterclaims.”

According to court records, the panel awarded Storey “close to 100 percent of the total amount sought in the arbitration.”

Then, according to court documents, on Nov. 14, 2007, nearly three years after the arbitration panel ruled that Hanks and Wilson were not entitled to damages on their claim of defective construction, Hanks and Wilson demanded a new arbitration, this time claiming $2.5 million “in damages caused by alleged construction/design errors.”

Storey contends that Hanks’ and Wilson’s demand for arbitration is born out of the couple’s quest for “revenge for, among other reasons, Storey’s recovery of virtually 100 percent of [its] claim.” The suit also says that Hanks and Wilson blame Storey for “Rita Wilson’s bizarre conduct…”

The case was filed in Idaho district court in Blaine on December 21 and asks for a jury trial on the allegations that Hanks, Wilson and their representative “committed the tort of abuse of process against Storey.”

The complaint asks the court to award Storey damages, and to stay the defendants’ demand for arbitration.

Storey is a successful contractor in the Sun Valley area of Idaho, specializing in construction of luxury homes. The company, its owner Gary Storey, and his family have been heavily involved in the Sun Valley community and civic activities for more than 20 years.

A copy of the complaint is available for downloading at

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