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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How do you say I love you? With a Gold tooth of course

Ryan Reynolds is probably breathing a big sigh of relief that girlfriend Scarlett Johansson hasn't suffered a recent bout of appendicitis, 'cause otherwise his birthday celebration could have taken a really icky turn. People reports the mammose starlet marked the actor's big 3-1 by tossing him a party on Oct. 20 and presenting him with one of her recently yanked wisdom teeth, which she'd had dipped in gold. "She figured he has everything," a snitch explains to the magazine. "Why not be creative?" While motorcycle enthusiast Reynolds probably would have preferred a different kind of chopper, he did get a secondary gift from Johansson -- some uninterrupted snuggle-bunnies. The low-key lovebirds, who were first seen swapping spit in the spring, reportedly spent his birthday weekend hunkered down at the Chateau Marmont, where a pal shares, "They had some great alone time." No word on what Ryan plans to get Scarlett for her 23rd birthday next month, but odds are he's keeping his fingers crossed for a kidney stone attack.
Despite the dozens of pictures that have emerged from their recent cuddle-fest in Rome, Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are apparently feeling a little more romantically reticent now that they're back home. spotted them as they attempted to duck and cover while driving away from Kate Hudson's Halloween party Saturday night in Los Angeles. Of course, Gyllenspoon's bashfulness was probably unnecessary given that they were both wearing masks and Reese's trademark blond locks were hidden beneath a platinum wig.

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